Dold (full name E. Dold & Söhne KG) is a manufacturing company producing automation and electronic components. The company was founded in 1928 in Germany by Emil Dold. In 1938 it produced its first relay switches and in 1978 - first programmable logic controllers in standard casing intended for application in various industries. In 1982 the first direct current brake systems were issued, and in 2005 the company presented a compact safety module based on its own miniature safety switches.  

Today the brand is an European leader in the electronics and automation field with headquarters in Furtwangen, Germany. Currently Dold employs more than 500 and the company branches can be found in different countries of the world, such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Ukraine etc.

Main product of Dold are a wide range of various relay switches (safety switches, time switches, multifunctional switches), inspection and safety systems, monitoring systems, power electronics, control systems and other products. Safety devices include variety of modules starting from one function to multifunctional safety modules with a fieldbus intended for protection of both people and equipment. Equipment monitoring systems are divided into three groups: insulation control tools, measuring relays, malfunction reporting systems. The components are used to detect and notify about critical electrical values, such as current, voltage, capacity, insulation resistance, etc. helping to avoid hazard for people and machinery.  

Due to combination of in-house development, cumulative experience and knowledge and technical innovation, the company is able to satisfy individual needs of various customers. 

Dold products are widely used in different industries: packaging, food processing, metal and plastics processing, steelmaking, wood processing, chemical industry, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

We supply full line of products and spare parts of DOLD company:

Relay Modules

  • Safety technology
  • Monitoring devices
  • Power electronics
  • Control devices
  • Timers
  • Installation electronics

Safety switch, Guard lock, Key transfer

  • Safety switch
  • Guard lock
  • Key transfer
  • Individual moduls
  • Command devices
  • Load isolator with interlock

PCB relays

  • Safety relays with forcibly guided contacts
  • PCB relays
  • Miniature relays
  • Bistable relays

Electronic enclosures for top hat rails

  • Switch cabinet enclosures
  • Distribution enclosures
  • In-Rail-Bus
The video above was taken from DOLD official website/Youtube channel.