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A German company Norelem Normelemente Bau und Vertrieb GmbH was founded in 1958 in Stuttgart. By 1983 the company had more than 7500 clients from 40 countries who could choose the standard components from a catalogue with 4500 items. Now the company catalogue includes already about 30000 standard items, which makes it one of the most comprehensive in their field. Branches of the company were opened in Switzerland in 2012 and in the Great Britain in 2015. 

Norelem is one of the global leaders selling standards, flexible systems and components for machinery manufacturing, plant equipment design, measurement and testing.  

Norelem pays a lot of attention to the common technology development, and the company specialists are constantly working on enlargement of the product list. Due to employment of modern logistic structure the company quickly reacts to change of requirements from its clients.

The company is always thinking one step ahead and considers supporting of the young talents an important investment to the future development. 

Norelem produces a wide range of standard components divided into several categories. Main elements category includes installation and foundation plates made of cast iron or steel, and L-shape, V-shape, H-shape and many other types of profiles. 

List of systems and components used in machine manufacturing and construction includes plug-in connectors, lifting devices, rail guides, rotating and clamping modules, positioning systems, inductive proximity sensors etc.

Among measurement and testing components one can find control tables, supporting cylinders, cylinder-shaped levers, holders and gaging posts.

Clamping equipment is presented by five-axial clamping systems fitted with a compact jaw-plate, cammed plate, smooth plate, basic plates, grips of various kinds, supports, cogged plungers etc. 

Quality of the Norelem products is proved by ISO 9001 2008, RoHS, REACh and I-Q Net certificates.

The video above was taken from Norelem official website/Youtube channel.

Products of the company

Flexible standard component systems
Flexible standard component systems
Assembly systems
Assembly systems
Systems and components for machine and plant construction
Systems and components for machine and plant construction
Measuring and testing components
Measuring and testing components
Clamping technologies
Clamping technologies
Material handling and transport equipments
Material handling and transport equipments

Flexible system of standard components

The company manufactures a wide range of standard components in several categories. In the category of basic elements, there are mounting or base plates made of cast iron and steel, corner, L-shaped, V-shaped, H-shaped and other profiles, steel or aluminum discs, fixing angles and fixing racks, mounting cubes, self-leveling gaskets, legs of various materials, clamps for staples, support elements, springs, indexing plungers, clamps, positioning systems, centering clamps, parallel blocks, T-nuts, cylindrical pins, lateral spring plungers, stepped clamps, clamps, swing clamps, clamping hooks, clamping jaws, edge clamps, tension nuts and screws, pneumatic clamps, swivel locks, clamps , handles, handwheels, handles and screw-in handles, clamping and tensioning levers, tubular handles and recessed handles, fasteners, torque bolts and threaded inserts, lifting screws, ring bolts, drilling sleeves, magnets in the range, a large selection of aluminum profiles for mounting systems. In addition, a separate section of the catalog contains rollers for transporting items and mechanisms, as well as ball transport units.

Systems and components for mechanical engineering and construction

The manufacturer produces a large selection of linear modules, lifting devices, rotary and clamping modules, inductive proximity sensors and proximity switches, plug connectors, guide rails, positioning systems, linear guide systems, position indicators, linear ball bearings, chains and sprockets, toothed belt pulleys, toothed shafts and belts, conventional and bevel gears, couplings, rigid couplings, keyless locking couplings, cardan couplings, quick couplings, bearings, trapezoidal threaded spindles, rubber buffers, shock absorbers, gas springs, rods, ball joints, axial connections, height adjustment elements, pivot bearings, leveling feet, end caps, equipment feet, hinges, pressure gauges, vent screws, dipstick, pressure gauges for oil level gauges, pipe connectors, pipe clamps, pipe connections and clamps.

Measurement and Testing Components

This category offers control tables, control blocks with posts, support cylinders for workpieces, holders in the form of articulated arms with a central hydraulic lock, magnetic measuring stands, cylindrical levers, dial holders with fine adjustment, connecting blocks, clamp connections, pressure gauges with a scale, Alignment Calibration Accessories, Concentricity Sensors, Collets, Various Probes, Rotary Scale and Measuring Head Holders, Prism Attachments, Prism Spacers, Rotary Systems, Measuring Sleeves, etc.

Clamping technique

The company produces 5-axis clamping systems with compact jaw plate, cam plates, smooth plate, base plates, clamping jaws of various types, stops, gear pins, cylinder mounting kits, extension shafts, adapter shafts, cross clamping couplings, clamp sets.

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