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Since the company was founded (in 1965), RECHNER SENSORS has gained a leading position around the world through dedication, innovative products and high quality products. This is especially true in the special area in which the company is focusing its attention - capacitive sensors. RECHNER SENSORS has played an important role in their development and design. Many consider the brand name Rechner to be synonymous with a capacitive sensor.

Capacitive sensors are products that can be used in a wide variety of conditions, they are simply indispensable for modern automation technology. The wide range of sensors that Rechner offers is a key element of the brand's success. The list of products includes capacitive, inductive, optoelectronic calorimetric and magnetoresistive sensors. In addition, the RECHNER SENSORS range is complemented by a wide selection of ATEX approved sensors, transistor based accessories and amplifiers, control units and power supplies.

RECHNER SENSORS is a member of ZVEI (Central Electronic Industry Association). ZVEI has developed its own corporate social responsibility code of conduct. The ZVEI Code takes internationally set targets and covers all relevant issues. RECHNER has signed this code of conduct. This means that the company has adopted this code of conduct in order to protect and respect people, animals and the environment.

The ZVEI Code is a guideline for all RECHNER SENSORS employees. In accordance with these ethical standards, the company has drawn up requirements for all of its employees to take responsibility and act accordingly.

Products of the company

Capacitive Sensors
Capacitive Sensors
Capacitive level measurement systems
Capacitive level measurement systems
Inductive Sensors
Inductive Sensors
Power Supplies / Isolating Switching Amplifiers (Ex Barriers)
Power Supplies / Isolating Switching Amplifiers (Ex Barriers)

Capacitive sensors (KAS)

React to metals and non-metals that exceed specific capacitance when approaching the active surface. The greater the sensing distance in relation to a specific material, the higher the dielectric constant.

Long Range Capacitive Sensors (KXS)

Long Range Capacitive Sensors (KXS) - are based on a three-electrode measuring principle. This measuring principle allows significantly larger sensing distances compared to the principle of two-electrode capacitive sensors.

Capacitive level measuring systems (KFS / KFA / KFX)

Capacitive level measuring systems (KFS / KFA / KFX) - operate according to the three-electrode principle. With this principle, a container or an additional electrode serves as a counter electrode to the electrode probe.

Inductive sensors (IAS)

Inductive sensors (IAS) with the function of transistor generators, the power consumption of which depends on the approach of metals and other electrically conductive materials such as carbon.

Magnetoresistive sensors (MRS)

Magnetoresistive sensors (MRS) for detecting the movement of ferromagnetic materials by changing the magnetic flux. They are available with (Series 350) or without (Series 300) direction of rotation detection.

Durchflusssensoren (SW)

Die SW-600-Serie ist eine Serie von Durchflusssensoren, die auf dem kalorimetrischen Messprinzip basieren. Dieses Prinzip basiert auf einem physikalischen Effekt, der Wärmeenergie absorbiert.

Optoelectronic sensors (IS)

The IS-120 series contains optoelectronic sensors for use as light-sensitive sensors (energetic or background suppression) or as reflective light curtains. Light transmitter and receivers are mounted in one housing.

Conductivity Sensors (RCS)

Conductivity sensors are designed to detect electrically conductive liquids. They are certified for use in potentially explosive areas. The technology of these sensors is based on the principle of conductivity measurement.

Power supplies (N / EG) EG

Power supplies (N / EG) EG ... -130 series control units contain a short-circuit protected power supply, a stabilizer and an output voltage relay. These control units can be driven by all 2, 3 and 4 wire sensors with PNP, NPN, NO, NC.

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